How To Sharpen A Ceramic Knife

We are here to bust two myths.

 ONE: Ceramic knives will never go blunt.

 TWO: Ceramic knives can only be sharpened by the manufacturer. have a set of very expensive ceramic knives and while the person that sold you the knives say it will never ever blunt, it does.

 Ceramic knives last a lot longer than other steel knives but they can go blunt.

 Heavy use, improper use, cutting on hard objects or using the wrong cutting board like a glass board can cause your ceramic knife to go blunt no matter what the manufacturer says.

 When that happens, you are advised to send the knives back to the manufacturer who will be the only person who knows how to sharpen these brittle yet super sharp knives.

 If you've paid a bomb for your set and still have the receipt or is still in touch with your seller, you can always send the knives back to them with no hassle whatsoever.

Unfortunately, most of us tend to forget to keep such valuable contacts as the months or years go by.

 So what can you do? 

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Knife Sharpening - The Right Angle to Sharpen Your Knives

You may think sharpening your kitchen knife is an easy task, but not knowing the right angle to sharpen your knife could end up damaging your priced chef knives!

Knife sharpening is the process of making any cutting edge sharp by grinding against a hard surface. Typically, we use the trusty sharpening stone to do the job. Nowadays, there is a wide range of sharpening products in the market to replace the sharpening stone. 

The angle between the blade and the stone is called the edge angle. Double that angle on both sides and it is called the included angle of the knife. So if the angle on one side of your knife is 30 degrees, the included angle is 60 degrees. View diagram below:

Generally, the smaller the angle between the blade and the stone, the sharper your end results will be. Very sharp knives can have an edge angle of as little as 10 degrees. However,  the smaller the angle, the more care you will need to give to your knife as it is more prone to chip or bend under pressure. 

So take a look at your knife and study the angle. Is it a very slight angle or a deeper angle? You need to understand the angle of your knife before you begin the sharpening process. 

Always follow the angle of the knife when you sharpen it and always complete one side of the knife before starting on the other.

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Sharpening Nail Clippers with iSTOR Swiss Sharpener

The problem with nail clippers is that most people find it too cheap to bother taking care of them. Once it gets blunt, it simply gets replaced by another.

We are pretty sure you have some blunt nail clippers lying around. We all do. Whether by sheer laziness or sentimentality, we never bothered to chuck it out. Perhaps it may have been a very nice sharp nail mate once upon a time but through vigorous use, it has now turned so blunt it leaves your nails jaggard and uneven. It is the kind you have to press really hard to cut the nail through and every once in a while you may need to yank at it a little to break the nail. We are sure you know what we are talking about.

We dug one such blunt clipper out from the bottom of a drawer and thought to give it a second chance in life by putting the iSTOR Swiss Knife Sharpener to it. It seems such a waste of resources to chuck a good nail clipper away when all it needs is a good rub on some top grade diamond hard composite steel.

This time around we sharpened the Nail Clipper whole without dismantling its parts. Because the iSTOR Swiss Knife Sharpener is so versatile and small, getting to the curved edge of the nail clipper was not a problem. 

Due to the narrowness of the nail clipper and the shape of the cutter, a stone block or diamond block would not be able to accomodate its shape. But with iSTOR Swiss Sharpener, you will see that there is not problem trying to get to the Nail Clipper's edge.

By following the angle of the cutter in light sweeping strokes along its curve, we were able to restore its sharp edge. 

It only took us a few minutes over a TV programme to get the nail clipper back to its original razor sharp shape. And all this without any pressure, water or oil. 

Next round we will try sharpening another clipper by dismantling it into 3-parts.

One Sharpener For All Edges

If you are looking for a good knife sharpener, one that creates no mess, doesn't wear down your knives, doesn't need a lot of pressure to make it work and still get razor sharp results, plus a sharpener that actually looks great in your kitchen, get the iSTOR Swiss Knife Sharpener. Yes, the most common household sharpener in the UK is finally available in Malaysia!

iSTOR Swiss Knife Sharpener is 100% Swiss-made and we know the Swiss are quite a fanatic bunch when it comes to perfection.

iSTOR Swiss Knife Sharpener has been around since 1964. Its 50-year history alone makes it a lot more credible than those cheap China-made sharpeners that claim miracle sharpening in just 3 strokes. 

With their patented sharpening edge, iSTOR Swiss Knife Sharpener is easy to use, fast and effective. Left and right handers will find no problem using this nifty 10cm-long gadget owing to its versatile and sleek built. iSTOR Swiss Knife Sharpener is also dishwasher safe.

iSTOR is built in such a way that it has no problem sharpening tight corners or angled edges. And because it is so wonderfully versatile and slim, you can even sharpen the smallest cutting edge. Try it on your nail clippers or trimming scissors. 

In case you are wondering, the secret to this sharpener is in the diamond hard composite steel blade at the end of its slick aluminum handle. This blade has two precision sharpening edge that will do all the sharpening work for you. 

You can sharpen just about anything with iSTOR Swiss Knife Sharpener. We are talking knives, scissors, spades, shovels, tin snips, lawn shears, axes, fishing knives, hooks, paint scrapers, hobby tools, disposable blades, surgical scissors, cloth scissors, Samurai swords, and we have to say this again, even your nail clippers! View more on the list below...

iSTOR Standard Swiss Sharpener Specs

Length     10cm

Weight     24g

Price        RM80 (inclusive postage)

iSTOR Standard Swiss Knife Sharpener is suitable in any kitchen drawer, in your tool box, and is the perfect mate for outdoor activities such as your favourite fishing or camping trips.

It fits comfortably in your pocket and weighs no more than a small pebble but its sharpening power does pack a punch!

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iSTOR Duplex Swiss Knife Sharpener

Length     19cm

Weight     94g

Price        RM260 (inclusive postage)

iSTOR Duplex Swiss Knife Sharpener has a bigger handle and grinding section for professionals who need a sharpener to grind damaged blades and to keep all their work tools in razor sharp condition. On one end is a diamond grinder to grind away all nicks and burrs. On the other end is the iSTOR sharpener to provide the finishing sharpness to your blades.


The iSTOR Duplex Swiss Knife Sharpener is also the only sharpener that can sharpen ceramic knives. Please watch video on 'Sharpening Ceramic Knives'


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iSTOR is the Perfect Tool for

  • House wives
  • Chefs
  • Gardeners
  • Farmers
  • Veterinaries
  • Farriers
  • Butchers
  • Carpenters
  • Wood carvers
  • Sailors
  • Fishermen and hunters
  • Campers and hikers
  • Knife collectors/enthusiasts
  • Hobbyists
  • Sculptors
  • Manicurists
  • Pedicurists
  • Beauticians
  • Hairdressers

Basically anyone dealing with sharp tools and equipments, whether in the house or at work, would find the iSTOR Swiss Knife Sharpener a very useful mate to have around. iSTOR Swiss Knife Sharpener is used by professionals and hobbyists in over 50 countries around the world. This is the only sharpening tool you will ever need. In fact iSTOR Swiss Knife Sharpener is one of the most popular household knife sharpers in the UK today.

What You Can Sharpen With iSTOR

iSTOR sharpens anything with a blade on it. It doesn't matter if it is a small blade or something that you can use in the garden to slice and chop wood, iSTOR has something that will help the blades keep sharp all the time.

You can use iSTOR on:
  • Knives
  • Serrated knives
  • Chipper knives
  • Scissors
  • Secateurs
  • Pruning and gardening shears
  • Grass and hedge shears
  • Knives of lawn mower
  • Scythes and sickles
  • Machetes
  • Bayonets
  • Hoof knives
  • Can openers
  • Fish fillet knives
  • Hooks
  • Carpet cutters
  • Carving knives
  • Scrapers
  • Nail Clippers
  • Tweezers
  • Trimming Scissors
  • Scrapers
  • Paper punchers
  • and more...

With the iSTOR Duplex Knife Sharpener, you can even sharpen ceramic knives, damaged knives or knives that need a lot of TLC. In fact the Duplex Knife Sharpener is one of the very few sharpeners you can use on a Ceramic Knife without damaging it. 

If you have found something new to work the iSTOR on, write in to and let us know. We'd love to try it out too. 

We have to say this again - This is the only sharpening tool you will ever need. 

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iSTOR Swiss Knife Sharpener- the Original Swiss Sharpeners for Home, Garden, Hobby and Workshop

Blunt blades of any kind get resharpened in only few seconds. 

It's so easy to use even first timers get perfectly razor sharp results. 

Quick Summary of iSTOR Swiss Knife Sharpener

- 100% Swiss-made quality guaranteed

- Easy to use and easy to handle

- No pressure necessary

- Forms no burr on the blade

- Cutting edges remain sharper for longer

- Light in weight yet effective

- Sleek and easy to store (only 10cm long)

- No oil needed during sharpening

- Great for right or left handed people

- Perfect sharpener for women

- Sleek aluminium handle that is perfect for printed logos as premiums

- Perfect for all types of knife edges

- Perfect for hard to sharpern corners and areas such as on nail clippers and even paper punchers

How to use iSTOR Swiss Knife Sharpener

  1. Pull the concave sharpening edge gently along the blade several times without much pressure.

  2. Follow the given angle of the blade.

  3. Work only with one side of the sharpener and always from the handle to the point of the blade.

  4. Hold the iSTOR at an angle 30 to 50 degrees from the blade of the knife.

  5. When sharpening Scissors, Secateurs and Pruning shears only sharpen the ground, angled side.

This video has no subtitles but just watch how he sharpens the scissors. 

iSTOR VS the Sharpening Block

Let's be fair. We are not saying you don't need a sharpening block. When you want to profile your knives, sharpening blocks do the job to get you the edge you want. But all knife enthusiasts will tell you, the block is just one means to the end but the final touch needs a little more finesse.

This is where iSTOR comes in. To fine-tune and finish off the edges. To delicately tidy up what the sharpening block will not be able to do. And to complete the job with razor sharp precision.

So profile your knife the usual way. Grind it to the shape you want then finish it off with a few strokes with the iSTOR. You'll find a more precise edge that lasts a lot longer and cuts a lot sharper.

One thing though, stone sharpeners won't be able to sharpen your scissors, tiny trimmers, nail clippers, even serrated knives. This is where the iSTOR lends its versatile advantage. iSTOR's sleek form has no problem getting to tight corners. With iSTOR Swiss Knife Sharpener, you no longer need to discard blunt cutting equipment. Just a few light strokes and the sharpness returns.

Why Blunt Knives Could Kill You

Since this site is all about knives lets talk knife. Razor sharp knives that is. No one likes using blunt knives. Forks can cut better than a blunt knife. But then again, blunt knives can do more damage than a fork, spoon, or a super sharp knife.

Yes you read me right. Blunt knives are more dangerous to the user than a fully sharpened one simply because a blunt knife does not do the job well, it ends up being a very dangerous tool to handle.

 For one, blunt knives end up sliding all over the place. So you end up using more force than necessary. And you tend to hold the knife and the item you are slicing a little too firmly. Then, you end up in the ER.

On the other hand, a sharp knife cuts exactly where you want it to cut.

 No point having a severed vein. Always, ALWAYS keep all your knives sharpened. All except the butter knife of course. But we do know some knife fanatics that feel inclined to sharpen even the humble butter knife. That is another story all together.

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